Here are all the Audio related services that I can help you with:

  • Recording: Location recording as well as traditional studio based recording engineer
  • Mixing: Experienced in vast styles of mixing from Classical to Modern
  • Editing:  Music Editing for Film, Classical editing for Music, Band “tightening” or just plain vocal tuning for you project, I can cover all facets of editing for your project for the professional finish.
  • Production: I can work with you in to realise and refine your vision for a project
  • Mastering: The final step in the audio process.  Whether it is for CD manufacture or MP3 distribution online, I can help with the final process to give your project the final 1%.
  • Audio Consultancy: including DAW and computer system setups, software solutions, hardware recommendations
  • Live Sound:  Sympathetic Sound Reinforcement with an emphases on reinforcement rather than “make loud”
  • Audio Tuition: Having lectured in Audio Engineering at Queeland Conservatorium (Griffith University) since 1997 as well as Queensland University of Technology teaching Audio Production, I have extensive experience in all facets of Audio Tuition.  Whether it is one off tutorials or more of a conventional weekly-lesson, I can help.
  • Post Production Audio for Television and Film.  Foley, Sound Deisgn and Mixing

I am also a Certified MFiT Mastering Engineer for Apple iTunes distribution.  Please contact me for further details


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.