One of my first jobs that I did for ABC along time ago was for a series of Children’s CDs, those first 4 CDs ballooned in number over subsequent years. They are always an extremely enjoyable process to be a part of with carining, passionate people that form the creative basis for amazing musical products that introduce kids to the world of music.  Donna Dyson and Craig Allister Young through Spotty Kites are continuing along that strong tradition of original Australian Children’s music.  With some amazing vocal talent by Renae Suttie and Gregory Moore (along with some others) and players from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, it was great to be able to mix and assemble this project.

Spotty Kites provides a fun, educational song library for infants and primary school children. Classroom and Music Teachers, Choir Directors and Parents all love Spotty Kite’s comprehensive resources.

Spotty Kites songs are featured daily on ABC KIDS LISTEN RADIO and KINDERLING RADIO and are internationally released through MGM Distribution.

You can check out their Spotty Kites, or enjoy some of the youtube videos below!