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mp3s of various recordings/jobs/interesting things!

Dreamworld World Pass TVC


This was a great job to do. Mark was approached to do a cover of the Mika song Love Today for a Dreamworld TV ad. After debate about melodies, tuning and lots of other things, we ended up with a great sounding ad.  Daniel McGahan did the main lead singing with Darryl Murphy providing the Aussie rave at the tops and tails.

Firstly the “So Many Worlds” version:

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And the White Water World specific version, featuring the Senior Choir from Gumdale State School!

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You can check out the Dreamworld site by clicking on here

Dreamworld World Pass TVC2010-04-01T13:32:29+10:00

Hey Hey This Is Queensland


Launched yesterday was a follow up campaign to Queensland Tourism’s “Best Job In The World Campaign”  This ad features some of the finalists from that competition.  Borrowing the music and the “choreography” from The Monkees Hit, “Hey Hey We’re the Monkees”  we recorded the music at Farmhouse.  Mark McDuff produced the track, and Daniel McGahan sang with Renae Suttie.

If you’re really keen you can go to

Hey Hey This Is Queensland2012-03-21T18:30:55+10:00

Queensland Firebirds Netball


I did some mixing and mastering for Garry Smith who produced a new promo for the Queensland Firebids Netball 2009 Launch called Fire up Firebids! featuring Renae Bedford on lead vocals. We also recorded Vocal Manouvers doing the Team song for all the victories they are going to have this year.

This was the first project I got to use my new T-Filter EQ ala Sontec/Massenburg. Sounds fantastic!
[audio:QLD Firebirds – Fire Up Firebirds 090316.mp3]

Queensland Firebirds Netball2009-05-15T15:38:34+10:00

Devine Homes Jingle


Here is an ad that I did recently with Davin Patterson and Slade Gibson.  Renae Suttie is singing this jingle.  This was recorded in at Yooniq Productions and mixed at my studio.

[audio:Devine Homes 080813 60s Full.mp3]
Devine Homes Jingle2009-05-13T14:16:24+10:00

Soul – A New Era in Paradise


Here is an ad that Mark and I did before Christmas. This is for a new building development on the Gold Coast called “Soul”. It will be 77 stories high (240m).

We recorded the 20 piece string section at Ghostgum audio. Nice sounding ad. Listen to the MP3 version to hear the music only
[audio:Soul 60s 44k.mp3]

The website is here:Soul Website which has a slightly better version of the video as opposed to the youtube version. One of the apartments sold for $17million Australian Dollars… That will pay for the string section… 🙂

Soul – A New Era in Paradise2012-03-21T18:33:55+10:00

NRMA Carbonators


Here is an add for a new NRMA campaign featuring a couple of Brisbane Broncos players: Darren “The Visionary” Lockyer, Tonie “The Mind” Carrol, Karmichael “Tree Hugging” Hunt and Corey Parker. NRMA promoting carbon offsetting your car insurance. Back to the future!

Here is the Audio Clip (320k mp3): [audio:NRMA Carbinators 45s.mp3]

Or you can view the video (via youtube)

NRMA Carbonators2009-05-13T14:06:44+10:00

little by little


an ad that mark and I did for queensland government called little by little

[audio:Little By Little 60 061201 Ver 3 Getting ahead.mp3]
little by little2009-05-13T14:08:41+10:00

jupiters casino – all night long


all night long, a Lionel Richie cover recorded for the 20 year anniversary of Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast. This song was used as the 1st jingle launching the casino in 1987. Featuring Daniel McGahan on vocals

All night long steaming audio (320k mp3):

[audio:All Night Long 60s Mix 061102.mp3]

Youtube video:

jupiters casino – all night long2016-04-27T18:02:49+10:00