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New York, New York


The Empire State Building and New York From Rockafeller Center - 70 Stories UpPhotos from our trip to New York on the way to Scotland the Brave in Toronto. This was a bit of a let’s see if we can bring the show back to NY kinda tour. At this stage we might be back in February 2008

edit: unfortunately we will not be in North America next year, but will be reviving the show once again for our Perth debut and return trip to New Zealand

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Scotland the Brave – Sydney Opera House 2007


Opera HouseWelcome to Scotland The Brave 2007. Interestingly enough the two performances in the sydney opera house this year co-incided with St Patrick’s day and ended up with the soloists and crew unable to find a taxi back to the hotel. An interesting bus trip followed along George St in Sydney. This is the first of the 2007 dates for STB this year, we are off to Auckland, Toronto, Brisbane and Melbourne later this year. As always, a fun time was had by all.

Follow this link to have a look at some photos from the opera house 2007

Scotland the Brave – Sydney Opera House 20072009-05-13T14:08:24+10:00