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Luke Kennedy and Mark Sholtez – Roxanne Live @ Judith Wright Center


I love mixing great music of great artists doing great performances.  Here is some promotional material from a show recorded at Judith Wright Centre.

‘Roxanne’ by Sting and the Police

Featuring Luke Kennedy and Mark Sholtez

Live at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

With Michael Manikus (keys) and Jason McGregor (guitar)

With more and more gigs and performances getting recorded due to digital desks, why not get a professional to mix your material? A great example of what great a great quality mix can do to your sound and help add to your promotional material.

Luke Kennedy and Mark Sholtez – Roxanne Live @ Judith Wright Center2019-06-04T21:35:36+10:00

Bravo Cruise of the Performing Arts


I had the pleasure of doing Front of House Sound for the inaugural Bravo Cruise of the Performing Arts on Royal Caribbean ship, The Radiance of the Seas from 22-27 November, 2014.  It was great working with both old friends and new artists on the week long cruise to Isle of Pines and Nouméa.  This cruise featured the renowned diva of the musical, Elaine Paige from the UK, Tommy Flemming (IRE), Australian Artists such as David Hobson, Teddy Tahu-Rhodes, Marina Prior, Cheryl Barker, Simon Tedeschi, Michael Falzon, Jane Cho and the Seven Sopranos all under the baton of Guy Noble with the Metropolitan Orchestra.  It was a great week of music.  It even featured a mention in Limelight Magazine! Looking forward to this years’ cruise in 2015 Featuring Anthony Warlow, David Hobson, James Morrison, Emma Pask and more! More information from Choose Your Cruise

Bravo Cruise of the Performing Arts2019-06-04T21:49:54+10:00

Make A Wish – Keely Johnsons’ recording with Lee Kernaghan – Turn this to Gold


It was a great experience to be involved with Make A Wish’s project the other week. You can hear about Keely’s story and collaboration with Lee Kerneghan here. You can support Keely’s fund raising efforts buy purchasing the song through iTunes

Make A Wish – Keely Johnsons’ recording with Lee Kernaghan – Turn this to Gold2019-06-04T21:29:34+10:00

Well May We Say – The Australian Voices


Quite appropriate that this is released this week with the memorial to former Primer Minister Gough Whitlam’s passing. This is a re-working of Rob Davidson’s piece “Well May We Say” that I originally recorded with Topology. This time, The Australian Voices have put a choral spin on the Whitlam Waltz. Also featuring the words of former Primer Minister Paul Keating, reflecting on the dismissal and the “completely, unprincipled act”


Well May We Say – The Australian Voices2014-11-05T09:07:49+10:00

Josh Lovegrove – Infinite EP


It was great to work with Josh in helping him realise his EP. Along with Gavin Carfoot and Mark Sholtez helping with the production, some awesome songs and great musos, everything fell together and gave us something special. You can purchase Josh’s EP on iTunes

From Christie Ots’ review at Blank Gold Coast:

Local lad Joshua Lovegrove released his second EP Infinite on 23 September and this five-track compilation shows a new side to the singer-songwriter.

Kicking off with Turning In Circles the first track from the EP is what I have come to expect from Lovegrove after seeing him live over the years. It was boppy, fun and slightly folksy – the kind of song that inspires you to send the artist Snapchats of you singing along.

This then leads into See You Soon, a song that is drawn out with longing, supported by gentle finger picking and soft vocals. Before I’m Lost is a clear tribute to Lovegrove’s ‘Van Sessions’, a project that saw him touring around Australia last year and sharing his experience through a series of social media platforms like YouTube. The story told in this track was what made the song stand out for me, and is the perfect ‘moments in time’ song, really allowing you to reflect as the song sweeps you along.

Infinite is the track that proves that Lovegrove has given serious consideration to the tracklist of Infinite, which is important with an EP, as there is nowhere to hide. The title track showcases Lovegrove’s trademark drawling vocals and finger-picking guitar, bringing to mind artists like John Mayer, in particular his song Gravity. Finishing off the EP is Life In Colour, featuring Hayley Calvert, which allows the listener to leave the journey that any musical feature is on a high note. Happy, hopeful and ready for another spin…an Infinite journey.

Josh Lovegrove – Infinite EP2019-06-04T21:27:13+10:00

Adele (Naomi Price) – Rolling in the Deep Live @ Judith Wright


Rumour-Has-It.-Pictured-Naomi-Price.-Image-6-by-Dylan-Evans.-270413Naomi Price as Adele, singing Rolling in the Deep.  Recorded Live at the Judith Wright Centre. I mixed this in my studio. An EP of this concert is available on iTunes.

Naomi Price performs “Rolling in the Deep” from the little red company’s original cabaret RUMOUR HAS IT.

The Little Red Company

Starring Naomi Price in her acclaimed portrayal of pop idol Adele and featuring Adele’s biggest hits including Skyfall, Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You, RUMOUR HAS IT has quickly become one of Australia’s most-loved original cabarets.

Part MTV unplugged, part intimate bedroom lament, RUMOUR HAS IT marries a modern day music legend with Australia’s fastest-rising cabaret star.

You’re invited to spend an evening with Adele: Grammy goddess, young mum, and potty-mouthed everywoman. Joined on stage by a big band of Australia’s best musicians, Adele rolls in the deep down under, spilling intimate details about life on the road, love on the rocks, and the prick who took a sledge hammer to her heart.

Adele (Naomi Price) – Rolling in the Deep Live @ Judith Wright2015-03-26T13:14:18+10:00

William Barton – Birdsong at Dusk


IWilliam Barton Birdsong at Duskt’s funny when things slip under the radar a little. Last Friday, while setting up for the Griffith University “Seed” Concert series at QPAC, I bumped into Martin Buzacott. Amongst catching and chatting about bike riding in the French Alps, he congratulated me on the CD release for the William Barton recording of “Birdsong at Dusk” Martin was the host for the ABC Classic FM Live broadcast last August (2013). I was in the booth producing with Classic FM’s Costa Zoulio engineering. Throughout the concert, we were all mesmerised by William’s performance on Didge, Vocals and Guitar also featuring his mother Dalmae Barton on vocals, John Rodgers on violin and accompanied by The Kurilpa String Quartet. I have had the pleasure to work with William over several years and they are always inspiring occasions, most notably Sean O’Boyle’s Didgeridoo Concerto (featuring William and the QSO) which was voted at no. 32 on ABC Classics 100 Concertos. You can purchase the CD from ABC Shop online or via iTunes

William Barton – Birdsong at Dusk2014-07-07T15:02:22+10:00

Not Now, Not Ever!


Here is a piece that I recorded and edited  that was composed by Robert Davidson (Topology) for The Australian Voices featuring Julia Gillard.  The choir was directed by Gordon Hamilton and recorded in The Nickson Room at the University of QLD

Not Now, Not Ever!2014-03-17T06:55:47+10:00

Budget Direct Aliens


Ok, so not your regular run of the mill TV ad. But these are a lot of fun to work on. It is a little hard to get the Alien’s in the studio given their tight schedule and other worldly commitments! Music by Garry Smith at Jamhouse Creative

Budget Direct Aliens2014-02-17T13:47:41+10:00

Natt Dunn – Fool’s Fate Video


Natt Cover.170x170-75Here is a video shot by Pixel Frame for Natt Dunn’s Single “Fool’s Fate”. This is off Natt’s EP entitled A Fool’s Fate. I mixed several of the tracks on this with the first couple mixed in Melbourne. A great song with a great feel.  You can download the EP from iTunes HERE

Natt Dunn – Fool’s Fate Video2014-02-17T13:38:29+10:00